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What is Speak :prose?

Speak :prose is an app designed to let you speak with simple taps on your iPads, iPhone and Apple Watch! It's unique design helps people quickly access their words, with far less effort. If you have lots to say, but have trouble expressing it verbally, speak :prose.

How can I get it?

Go to the speak :prose tab on our website for the direct iTunes link, or open up itunes and download directly from there.

 Three simple steps:  1. Download,  2. Pair,   3. Tap to speak.

Three simple steps:  1. Download,  2. Pair,   3. Tap to speak.

How does it work?

It enables you to configure up to 31 unique phrases that can be instantly verbalized by tapping or swiping your iPad screen, each with a unique touchscreen gesture. If gestures aren't your thing, then you can simply use the list view an tap your phrases.

If you're a typer, you can use the list view and edit and speak custom phrases on the fly. It supports dozens of voices and types of users including autism, cerebral palsy, als, down syndrome and other complex conditions.

Recommended for people with a cognitive age of 5+ and moderate fine motor. Ideal for people who are good with sight words, and have a grasp of basic expressive language.

Most people "speak :prose" in social situations, in school or work day activities as well as physical or cognitive rehabilitation by some of the worlds most respected organizations. Behavioral therapists (ABA), Occupational Therapists (OT) and Speech Language Therapists (SLP) agree, :prose is an innovative solution.


How can I get it?

Click the "Download Speak :Prose app on iTunes" button above today!


I love using :prose. I’m way faster now, and my interviews keep getting better. LOL
— Carly Fleischmann, world's first nonverbal talk show host and author of Carly's Voice