Inside the Innovative Dutch 'Dementia Village'

Just 10 miles outside of Amsterdam, Hogewey Village is like any other small Dutch town, except that every single resident has severe dementia.

Residents are free to explore within the confines of the village, but Hogewey's only exit, a pair of double glass doors, is staffed 24/7 to ensure no resident wanders away.

                      Hogewey's fully enclosed design ensures that no resident can wander too far.

                     Hogewey's fully enclosed design ensures that no resident can wander too far.

Within the village, every shop, from the theater to the grocery store, is staffed by professional caregivers, who are trained to help dementia patients.

The most innovative thing about Hogewey is that it provides a sense of normalcy for the residents. Each living unit is designed with the residents in mind, to provide an atmosphere that is "reminiscent of their formative years. "

With 250 staff members in Hogewey, the goal is to make the experience feel as real as possible, but if asked directly, staff members will not lie to residents, telling them they are in a special place suited for their needs.

Otherwise, staff wear plain clothes and act as neighbors, carers, or even servants, depending on what the resident is familiar with. 

At Hogewey, says Yvonne van Amerongen, one of Hogewey's founders. "We have Dutch design, Dutch cultures, Dutch lifestyles, but the concept is to value the person, the individual... to support them to live their life as usual, and you can do that anywhere."

Dementia Village Architects, the designers of Hogewey's revolutionary facility, are not stopping in Holland. Plans for contruction of a similar facility in the USA have already begun, as the Mahal Cielo Village in San Luis Obispo, CA takes form.  

Find out more about Hogewey's innovative dementia care strategy at:

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