BabyBe: Transmitting a Mother's Love

When babies are born prematurely, they are separated from their mothers and placed in incubators, and other isolative environments. Within these environments, a constant mechanical hum replaces the natural sounds and environment of a mother's womb, and infants do not receive the sensory stimulation they would were they in the womb.

Meet BabyBe, a device which transmits the touch of a mother to her premature baby in real time, simulating her heartbeat and breathing for the infant while still in an incubator. A finalist in Intel's Make It Wearable contest, BabyBe hopes to provide a comforting and healthy environment for premature infants, while keeping them safe from harm in an incubator.

BabyBe Consists of a "Mother Module," which the mother wears on her chest, a "Cradle", made of a gel material, which simulates the breathing and heartbeat captured by the mother module, and a "Control Module" to run the cradle. 

The mother's movements are transmitted in real time, and can be recorded and played back for use when the mother is unavailable.

By providing the infant with the stimulation it needs, babies can even be removed from incubators sooner, and returned to their real mothers.

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