Smartstones Update - It's Alive!

Just yesterday, Smartstones CTO Leonard Zerman proudly announced that our most recent prototype salutes! It says, "Hello World" and can communicate across our cloud communication platform called StoneServer. The Smartstones Touch has its own operating system running onboard called StoneScript. As well, the integrated iOS app detects location, and can accept push messages. We're thrilled with the progress and have confirmed that we can communicate from a stone to a remote phone across the network, as well as back from a remote phone to the stone. Next up... stone to stone communications!!

Here's a rare sneak peek under the hood of our prototype Smartstones Touch, to whet your appetite. 

Like Nelson Mandela once said, "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Communicate with people using simple hand gestures - shake, swipe, tap or a combination.  

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Lucas Cohen

Smartstones, Inc., State St, Santa Barbara, CA, United States