November is National Family Caregivers Month!

November marks the celebration and appreciation of all unpaid family caregivers, nearly 66 million of them in the US alone, caring for either an aging, disabled, or otherwise infirm  family member. 


When it comes to family dynamics, caregiving is the norm,” says Bob Jackson, state director of AARP Texas, which represents more than 2 million Texans age 50 and older. “If you’re not a caregiver now, you were one in the past, or you’ll likely be one in the future. This silent army of unsung heroes helps their older loved ones to live independently, with dignity, each and every day.”

This month, take a moment to appreciate family caregivers, who provide hundreds of billions of dollars in unpaid care, and suffer many physical and mental ailments as a result of the care they provide to others.

AARP has created a website in honor of the holiday, providing a board for caregivers to share their stories, experiences, and hardships.

You can read these stories, or submit your own story at:


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