Tips for caring for an aging parent from afar

Do you have an aging parent that lives on their own? Here are a few tips to help you care for your parent, and ensure they are safe and active.

Seek out new technology

Video chats, like Google Hangouts, create a more special connection for those who cannot physically be there. Anyone with a webcam and a headset can join, and communicate with each other.

Smartstones® Touch™ is a hardware device shaped like a river stone. It lets you keep in touch with your aging parent, while also allowing you to set and activate reminders that they feel on the stone, from anywhere. In case of emergency, they'll be able to contact you, and you'll be able to locate them on a map. 

Visit often

Frequent visits are key to maintaining a healthy relationship with an aging parent. If you can't be there in person, phone calls and video chats can serve as substitutes, but nothing is better than real, face to face interaction.

Have the difficult conversations

Acknowledging that your parent is experiencing a decline in cognitive function is difficult, and discussing end of life care with your aging parent is even harder, but having important discussions about living situations, creating a will, protecting finances, and whether to continue driving is extremely important to portecting your loved ones wishes. 

Build a support system

Learn about and make use of local resources, including community offered services, clubs, organizations, and support groups for seniors. Keeping your aging parent active will help keep them healthy and happy.

Family will often be the best support group for your parent, however, and staying involved in your parent's life, if you can, will create a more supportive relationship for them.

Developing technology with seniors in mind

This article was brought to you by Smartstones® Touch™. 

Smartstones® Touch™ provides a connection between you and a loved one, so you can be there for them, in case of emergency, or simply to stay connected. 

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Lucas Cohen

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