Smartstones get smaller

We're pleased to share progress as we iterate on our prototypes and prepare for our beta launch and manufacturing. As you can see here, there is a big leap in shrinkage from our first prototype to our second prototypes, we were able to reduce the overall size by more than 75%. We want our first product, which is a touch-based communication device, to resemble a real stone in it's mass, weight and feel, but clearly look like an object from the future. We call this new design platform "Artifacts from the Future", which stealthily integrates technology whilst retaining as much natural qualities as possible. This is part of our trade dress which we're pretty excited about. Let us know your thoughts by contacting us today.

Several second generation prototypes stacked atop our very first prototype. Exploring size, color, material, finish and ergonomics. Not too big, Not too small... Just right.

Andreas Forsland

Smartstones, 3905 State Street, Suite 7-353, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, USA

Founder & CEO Smartstones, Inc.