A New Way to Connect


Our mission for Smartstones is to help one billion people experience life in a joyful and liberating way through new methods of staying connected and present for the people that matter most. Communication is about being inclusive and able to reach all the people you rely on, and being reachable by all those who rely on you. With the technology available to us today, it is astounding that there is not a communication platform that works for everyone, young or old, disabled or not. 

Here’s where Smartstones comes in. We saw the need for a simple communications device, intuitive and approachable. We decided to make it into a elegant little stone controlled by touch. A device designed for pure communication suddenly becomes quite simple. Without a screen, both hardware design and user Interaction can be streamlined and simplified. With technology increasing in complexity all the time, this is something the tech world has conditioned us not to expect, but simplification improves efficiency, saves time, and makes learning it easy and fun.

Designing a single device to work for everyone is a challenge. By starting with the outliers, those people who have unique needs, and working towards the mean, we discovered just how important simplicity really is. By stripping off unnecessary bulk, a much more refined device results. Its not something you have to carry with you, its something you want to. And more than that, its something you enjoy using, something that becomes part of your routine.

Touch is natural for humans. The sensation of touch is strongly associated with feelings of affection, compassion, and comfort. Using vibration, we are seeking to emulate this language of touch in the most intuitive way possible. Vibration patterns varying in frequency, intensity, and duration allow a number of distinct ‘messages’ to be codified. A fast non-stop vibration implies urgency, while a steady, gentle pulse implies love and compassion. A vibration that increases in intensity, going from gentle to high intensity, could mean “Something’s making me angry” or “I’m so excited,” while one that decreases in intensity could mean “I’m tired” or “I feel sad now.”

Because the vibrational language is so basic, everyone can understand and use it. For the first time, digital communication can be omni-generational. Seniors, Adults, Adolescents, and Children, all interacting on the same platform, is unprecedented in the consumer electronics world. A persistent connection to an intimate network of people who care for each other has a positive effect on the psyche of the everyone involved. The ability to provide a sense of well being for individuals across a group enables the entire group to thrive more fully. You see this in all kinds of group dynamics - healthy work groups, sports teams, reading groups, montessori classrooms, aging communities. Those who have a sense of purpose and connection with others tend to have a more positive outlook on life and encourage thriving, cooperative environments around themselves. With the sports, appointments, work, school and all the other stuff that pulls us apart these days, having a lasting connection to the people you love is invaluable.

Join us on our mission to transform the lives of one billion people, and sign up to stay informed and support us. 


Lucas Cohen

Smartstones, Inc., State St, Santa Barbara, CA, United States