Smartstones and Aging 2.0 on CNBC

Smartstones was featured in CNBC, in an article entitled "Top VCs target $7 trillion senior-care market." Here is an excerpt from the article about Smartstones:

[via CNBC] The wearable technology start-up Smartstones also turned to Aging 2.0 for accelerator help. Smartstones, about the size of a river rock, are packed with sensors that can communicate messages through taps or swipes that can help people with disabilities communicate better. The start-up wanted to be part of the Aging 2.0 community to connect with more customers, said Andreas Forsland, founder of Smartstones. Aging 2.0 helped Smartstones connect with key distributors, influencers and customers, he said.

"The aging market is very complicated," he continued. "And there's a lot of government regulation on XYZ. But Aging 2.0 helped with understanding the market." Forsland said that transforming senior care is challenging. "There's a lot of complacency," he explained. "And the attitude is that if it isn't broken, don't fix it."

Future seniors will be more demanding about senior care, Forsland said, adding that if care facilities don't try to be more innovative, their pipeline will dry up. 

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