Vote: Starter Phrases


Help us create our starter phrases, included in :prose™ and Smartstones® Touch™ at launch!

Vote now and we'll create the starter phrase list based on your suggestions.

What are we looking for?

We want to find out what phrases are most important to you. What are you planning on saying with Smartstones, and on :prose? Which gestures do you want to use for each phrase?

Though :prose will support additional gestures, the Limited Edition Smartstones® Touch™ will support 10 gestures at launch, so we're starting with the top ten phrases. We'll be analyzing all your suggestions and finding out which messages are most requested to create our final list.


The Gestures: 

Single Tap        Double Tap         

Swipe Up        Swipe Down        Swipe Left        Swipe Right

Swipe Up & Hold        Swipe Down & Hold        Swipe Left & Hold        Swipe Right & Hold


Example Phrases: 

"Where are you?"        "I love you!"        "Can you pick me up?"

"Yes."        "No."        "Help! I need you."

Lucas Cohen

Smartstones, Inc., State St, Santa Barbara, CA, United States