Smartstones featured in Huffington Post

The article, written by Carol J. Carter, focuses on Think to Speak, :prose, and the history of Smartstones.

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Have you heard about the Think to Speak Beta?

We've teamed up with Emotiv to adapt their EEG brainwave monitor headsets to work with :prose. For the first time ever, you can Think to Speak by simply associating spoken phrases in :prose with mental and facial commands. Think or express the command, and your phrase will speak aloud, using only the headset and an iOS device. Get first access to the Think to Speak beta by clicking below:

Are you a teacher, education tech specialist, SLP, or other specialist who wants :prose for your school or organization?

We are offering flexible packages for education specialists to implement :prose in special education classrooms, rehab facilities, hospitals, community centers, and other organizations that provide services to individuals with communication challenges. Get in touch with us, and we'll help you figure out what will best serve your needs.

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