ASU-GSV Summit Recap - Smartstones featured!

This year's ASU GSV Summit went off without a hitch, featuring speakers such as Sal Khan, Condoleeza Rice, and Bill Gates, and a plethora of Edtech panels, pitches, and presentations.

Smartstones and 'Think to Speak' were featured in the Tomorrowland section, along with 19 other companies creating innovative education technology products and services. 

Blue skies, glistening water, swaying palm trees and a bright, 86-degree forecast greeted us on the first day of the 7th annual ASU-GSV Summit, newly relocated from Arizona to San Diego.

Hosted at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in the Marina district of San Diego, the location was ideal. Buttoned-up investors ate lunch al fresco in quaint Seaport Village, entrepreneurs held partner meetings on balconies overlooking the bay.  A number of attendees even brought their families on the trip, taking the kids surfing and to the zoo the weekend before the event.

Yet for such a casual, relaxed location, the conversations overheard were strictly business. Attendees seemed intently focused on developing partnerships and finding investment, locking down as many meetings as possible. By afternoon of day one, the lobby started to resemble a speed-dating event for edtech. Entrepreneurs chased after investors, sales reps sought out the few educators in attendance. Reporters ran from story to story.

But the ASU-GSV Summit didn’t only test the limits of how many meetings a single human being can have in a day. It also upped the ante on the “tech” side of things. Knightscope’s security robots resembling R2-D2 (or Daleks, according to RefME CEO Tom Hatton) roamed the halls. Tomorrowland hosted companies pitching virtual reality recording equipment, pocket college counselors, and even an upcoming thought-to-speech tool.


Tomorrowland Companies

Vrtul Inc.
Learning Games Studios
Next Galaxy
Realiteer Corp.
Lucid VR


ASU Globe
Discovr Labs
Root and the Wyss Institute/Harvard

Lucas Cohen

Smartstones, Inc., State St, Santa Barbara, CA, United States