Smartstones wins Roddenberry Prize

Team Smartstones (from Left to Right, Front to Back) Zachary Zerman, Andreas Forsland, Mary Anne Masterson, Cameron Dexter, Leonard Zerman, John Temple, Doug Lynch, Ben Williamson (Not pictured: Andrew Duncan)

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Fifty years ago, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry envisioned a boldly better future, full of optimism, driven by exploration and strengthened by diversity. Yet urgent challenges today threaten humanity and the infinite possibilities of tomorrow.

Today, The Roddenberry Foundation announced the inaugural winners of The Roddenberry Prize, $1 million in awards to support innovative solutions that address humanity’s greatest challenges. The Roddenberry Prize consists of one $400,000 Grand Prize winner and four $150,000 Innovation Award winners.  

We are proud to announce we have been chosen as a Roddenberry Prize Innovation Award winner.

Hundreds of applications from across the globe, re-imagining how we teach and learn, how we can care for our environment, how to eradicate disease, and how we can connect more deeply to each other. The Roddenberry Foundation has carefully selected this portfolio of solutions recognizing their effort and dedication in addressing the most pressing challenges of our time.

The world needs daring ideas from innovative thinkers to achieve the future that Gene imagined, ideas that put humanity first, to benefit a large and diverse population; are feasible and replicable, with potential to scale the magnitude of their impact; and are strategic, altering the status quo by addressing systemic needs for a boldly better future.

The world we are going to create is one that every single person, regardless of your ability, is going to be able to communicate.
— Andreas Forsland, Founder

We are excited to be recognized for our bold efforts to unlock human potential, starting with people who are the most impacted by communication barriers.

The Smartstones communications platform utilizes exponential technology to radically simplify communication for people who cannot easily convey their thoughts or needs. Whether through simple gestures, or even purely by thought, we want people to be able to express themselves and easily connect with others in ways never before thought possible.

Today, there are over 370 million people globally who are unable to communicate verbally. Our goal with Smartstones :prose is to to help the non-verbal population around the world find their voice.

Watch nonverbal children and adults alike use :prose to speak on their behalf - either through taps and swipes or direct brainwaves.

Andreas Forsland

Smartstones, 3905 State Street, Suite 7-353, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, USA

Founder & CEO Smartstones, Inc.