Think to Speak, Brain Control Interface, Trainee / Demonstrator / Trainer (Part-time)


Smartstones, Inc. by pairing our revolutionary sensory communication app, “:prose”, with an EEG headset, we are enabling a thought-to-speech solution that is affordable, accessible and mobile for the first time ever. Visit



We are hiring up to five individuals to learn, train, master, and compete against each other with our thought-to-speech technology.

We are looking for individuals interested in mastering the Brain Control Interface (BCI) to :prose. After training, practice and competition, you must be capable to perform mastery of BCI with :prose live, consistently in private (product-testing), public demonstrations on stage, at tradeshows booths, and on live television.  



How the participation process works:

1.      Collect responses from interested individuals.

2.      We will filter responses based on these and additional criteria

     a.      Availability to attend scheduled training and practice sessions in downtown Santa Barbara.

     b.      Future scheduling flexibility for in-house product-testing, live public demonstrations, including possible periodic national and international travel.

     c.       Personal present-ability for public demonstrations.

     d.      *Bio-compatibility with EEG headset.  (See below)

     e.      Demonstrate-ability of calm mental focus under pressure.

     f.        Positive attitude of focus and mental improvisation to master product.

3.      In-person interviews will be conducted

     a.      Test headset fits and contact conductivity of BCI headset.

     b.      Potential participants briefing on what to expect in training, practice, competition and future responsibilities.

4.      The “Final Five” selected will be given the opportunity to participate with:

     a.      36-hours of training & practice @ 18 hours/week for two weeks. $15 / per hour.

     b.      Final head-to-head, brain-against-brain, multi-level elimination competition with winner bonuses.

5.      One or more participants may become our part-time Demonstrators, Trainers and Product Evangelists.

*Bio-compatibility is how well the BCI headset fits and makes reliable contact with the user’s head and skin conductivity to receive EEG signals. Our in-house experience has demonstrated that bald or thin hair tends to make easier, consistent, and most reliable contact with the BCI headset. The ability to quickly and consistently part thicker hair can work as well.

This opportunity is open to a wide-spectrum of people, not just college students, who meet the criteria above. Working with the BCI headset requires tenacity, calmness and mental focus. The ability to block out your surroundings and mental agility to keep trying new ways until you succeed are key.



Alternatively, you can write to us at why you are the right person to work with us and why this is the right opportunity for you. If you just send a resume and a boilerplate cover letter, it will simply be ignored!

All responses must have the subject line that starts with "Brainiac". If you cannot follow this one simple instruction properly, then you are not whom we are looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you!