a revolutionary app that helps nonverbal people communicate with taps and swipes.


Smartstones® :prose™ is an innovative AAC app that speaks custom phrases aloud. It's fun for anyone to use, and truly life changing for people who need it most. Simply add your favorite phrases to our library of tap and swipe gestures, then gesture and :prose speaks your phrase aloud. It works in any language, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.

Smartstones :prose can give a voice to the special person in your life that cannot speak. 



2016 Edison Award Winner - Gold

We're honored to be recognized for social innovation and entrepreneurial impact. Learn more about the Edison Awards here.


Step 1: Choose a gesture
Step 2: Add your favorite phrase or message
Step 3: Swipe the screen to speak

easy to learn, simple to use


Breakthrough benefits for kids with ASD


Special Education Teachers are seeing transformative results using Smartstones® :prose™ with nonverbal kids and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Read what one teacher has to say by downloading the pilot report below.

The intuitive, ubiquitous nature of Smartstones allows students almost “effortless” opportunities to communicate.
— Patrick M, Special Education Teacher, California

Extend the magic of :prose with wireless gesture recognition


Speak your mind without having to pull your phone or tablet out. Smartstones® Touch™ is a sensory interface you can hold in the palm of your hand. Touch works as a wireless remote control for :prose - as well as other mobile apps we're creating. Simply gesture on the stone, and :prose on your phone or tablet will speak your message. Touch provides multi-sensory feedback in the form of unique vibration, sound, and light patterns associated with each phrase in :prose. With available accessories, Touch can be worn as a pendant or a cuff for easy access.